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Mad Daego's "Italian Job"
This killer ride belongs to the quietest, most docile, well mannered person I know...... OH,, Who the hell am I kidding. If you've ever met Mad Daego you already know that he is just the oposite of that. I think that is why he is so liked. He's like the first case of the crabs you ever got. No matter how hard you try to get rid of them they just won't go away. So you have a choice, bitch about them or nick name them and call them pets. We'll call this crotch critter,,, Daego.

But Lets get to why we're all here... THE BIKE!!!! If your one of the Old Timers at you will no doubt remember the now infamous story of Daego's bike bursting into flames and burning up. This is the same bike. Much like the Mythical Phoenix it was brought back from the ashes. But this time with the help of a wizard. Daego pushed his chared bike down the road to LowRiders by Summers. Daego proceded to cut a deal in a way that only he could. He would get to apprentice at Lowriders By Summers and help Tom, . LRT on the other hand would help the greasy Italian build his bike. The Wizard had an Apprentice.

Daego put in Hours of Blood, Sweat and Grease Into this project and Tom stepped in and helped when he needed it. The bike remained a Swingarm because Tom thought the rigid rear end would have left too much "open air". The Frame was completed by one of the many shops in Lowriders By Summers network of friends. The Custom Oil tank is a tank that Daego latched onto. It was a tank that Tom USE to produce for the 750's and was the last one that he had. The left side has the ignition switch built in and the right side has the fuse.

Daego's effort paid off, After putting MANY hours into cutting grinding Molding the body and priming the bike LRT worked his magic on the paint and this is what the final product looks like. Simply put.... KOOL!!!!

Frame = Lowriders by Summers
Front Wheel = 19x185 Anodized blue Akront
Rear Wheel = 16x3.5 Anodized blue Akront
Handle Bars = Arlen Ness
Headlight = Drag Specialities
Tail Light = Todd Cycles
Tires = AVON
Swing Arm = Kawasaki 650
Gas Tank = West Coast Choppers Villian
Rear Fender = West Coast Choppers
Oil Tank = Lowriders By Summers
Chrome = Lowriders By Summers
Paint = Lowriders By Summers
Base = House Of Kolor Oriental Blue
Flames = House Of Kolor Tangelo Pearl
Motor = House Of Kolor Tangelo Perl
Forks = 10" over Forks By Frank
Exhaust = Mac Drag Pipes
Carburetors = Cycle Exchange

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