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Big Dan's "Golden Chopper"
Big Dan Created a fine looking SOHC 750 scoot for sure. It is a truely old school look with Swing Arm SUSPENSION. Something you don't see on alot of bikes anymore but sure looks great on this ride!!! Who says you have to bust your kidneys to have a kool bike. There is nothing wrong with Rigids, and this bike proves that there is nothing wrong with Swingarm Bikes Either!!! This is a bike that was followed by many from start to finish here on Following a build as it progresses just makes that bike even more KOOL!!! Great Job Dan!!

Bigdan's Honda CB750 features a Santee frame and is comprised of mostly refurbished parts that are over 30 years old. The engine is from a 75 and some of the features include a twisted springer, sidestand, handlebars, and highway bar. The rear fender is an old Ness fiberglass piece and the wheels are a 16" Harley rim laced to the Honda rim, and the front wheel is a 21" with a mimi drum. A modified DOHC swingarm was added to stretch the rear of the bike an additional 3" inches and 11" shocks help the bike sit lower and handles the potholes. Dan did all the work himself except the seat and some machining of the bearing cups in the neck. This is a perfect example of Old School Cool. So when you're in the area of Newark, Ohio Give Dan a wave and a thumbs up for a job well done!

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