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LeeRider's Chop
I traded a Harley rolling chassis for the bike you see here in the picture. Found this bike on the HORSE ...then found out it was in Maine. Then i found out the owner was a truck dispatcher, and that for a hundred bucks to the driver would deliver it...SOLD!!! 

Same day i got it the driver slip me the paperwork and i lost it in the parking lot. There was 4 of us combing the parking lot, and well it came back to me all run over & tore a lil. Before i got it home some guy in a pickup ( chased me down ) offered me a quick $1000 for the chop. I kicked myself in the ass the last time I let a full chop get away. This one's a keeper if ever I saw one, Amen frame, Santee coil box, Amen oilbag, Harley sofltail seat, Drag Specialty gauges, not real sure what the frontend is for sure??? Well before this turns into a best seller or book I'll sign off.


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