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Flynnt's "El Guapo"
She has the lines that have always said 'Chopper' to me.

To me, a chopper has always been an old skool ride, long front end, tall ass bars and a big ass engine crammed under the seat. (And those four exhaust pipes and carbs on the back help out alot too.) So when the time came that I needed a new ride, she became the one. I dove into the untamed world of choppers when I drove 24 hours to pick her up. And I might not have made that leap had I not found

Here were people still out there wrenching on their rides. I realized I would not be alone. What I did not realize was I had no idea what a chopper really was. Considering where this letter is going, I don't think I need to elaborate on that last comment. So I'll wrap this up by saying:

No, I did not build her. I started with alot more than some. But I have spent many nights into the early morn with her. I have spent many sunny days in the garage watching the brand new Sportsers ride by the house whilst I scream, swear, smoke a cigarette and scratch my head in bewilderment and convince myself I could make it work this time. I have been on the side of the rode with her; late at night under the flickering neon lights of a long closed bar. We have scraped pipes on winding turns, up hills, between the maple trees of back-woods roads. We have cruised down the strip by the Harley's and Customs while everyone raises their arms pretending to ride, apes extended over our heads. She is mine, and she is far from finished. But at least I know where to go when I need a hand.

Later, D.
AKA Flynnt Maverick, or if I were a porn star: Rock Harden

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