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Lady Dr.'s Chops
Dear Mark, 
First let me tell how much it meant to me when I discovered your site.  My Harley was stolen from me in '74 and I only had enough money to buy a used Honda 750 semi-chop. That changed my life because I found a bike that would always get me home! Dependable, quick and what I liked best was the Harley riders hated them. Chopping Jap bikes was popular and parts availability was plentiful. We had it good! 

I went full chop in '77 and never looked back. The problem was the Honda chopper fell from popularity and I was left in a wasteland of Harley choppers. Wherever I went, I was the only Honda Chop there. Every once and awhile I'd find a Brother on a Honda and we would celebrate our uniqueness.

Bill "LadyDr."

Second Image circa 1978. Third image is of The Lady which received a complete makeover, pic from 1981. If you're into the DOHC also LadyDr. and Freebyrd78 have set up a forum specifically dedicated to all things DOHC, aptly titled "Deuces Wild". Freebyrd78 is also looking into expanding and setting up a complete site with info, specs, and gallery.

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