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MDB9000's "Captain America"
I bought it for $350 from a guy in Tenn. It was in pieces when I got it. I have been working on it off and on for about 5 years now. Its been about 12 different colors and styles until I made up my mind to go with what I liked. I thought I would get a lot of flack from some of the die hard folks out there when I went with the red white and blue theme, but to my joy everybody loves it.

I rode it on the Trail of Tears ride this past year and got a great response from everyone. I'm working on a tall sissy bar now and just got some new finned covers. Its still a work in progress.  I really enjoy riding it. I know a lot of people might call it a Capt. American knock-off, but I call it "FREEDOM LIVES" and is that not what it is all about?!

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