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Scott "Ace" King's "Ace Chopper"
It's really cool seeing so many Honda choppers in one place, so I decided to send along a pic of my own beloved Frankenbike.

It's registered as a '74 but I'm not truly certain what year/type CB-750 motor it really has. The previous owner seized the original motor and replaced it with another but never could get the wiring figured out and the battery wouldn't charge properly, so he sold it out of frustration. I bought it and fixed a lot of little electrical and mechanical problems, and I'm still trying to get the carbs dialed in just right (cylinder #1 still burns too rich), but otherwise it runs great and has become fairly dependable. 

The front suspension flexes more than it telescopes and the rear suspension is more for show than comfort, but it tracks straight and corners nicely and the drag pipes make a lovely sound at full throttle. Congratulations on having such a great website and please keep up the good work!

Scott "Ace" King
Aurora, Colorado

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